Double Wall Tray

A double wall tray is a box that contains a sliding tray for protection. These boxes have double-layered four-sided walls. The removable tray secures the products against falling off. These boxes carry food items, electronic items, cosmetics, etc.


Double Wall Tray Boxes Are Quite Durable and Protective

Double wall tray boxes consist of double walls. Their fort-like double walls safeguard the items within. Furthermore, they are made using cardboard hence they are good for retail. The shape of the box remains the same even under pressure. You can use them to carry sensitive items like showpieces. Moreover, high-quality material makes them appealing.

Custom Double Wall Tray Boxes with Amazing Features and Add-ons

Our company manufactures custom double wall tray boxes. Our team of experienced designers has a sound understanding of market trends. Also, you can communicate your ideas to them and they will try their best to produce a suitable product. Moreover, there is an increasing trend of custom boxes. Such packaging increase the sales and market value of the product. To attract more buyers, you can come up with a unique design. Furthermore, you can select from our wide range of color schemes and printing patterns.

Our Company Delivers the Best

Classic Custom Boxes offers a wide range of durable and reliable custom printed Double wall tray boxes wholesale. Furthermore, we utilize state-of-the-art printing techniques to make a cohesive and attractive custom box. If you wish for a sturdy and well-designed box at a feasible rate, you need not look further.

Classic Custom Boxes produces these boxes using advanced technology and an amazing team. We make sure that you get the best box at a reasonable price.


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