Privacy Policy

                              Privacy Policy of Classic Custom Boxes

When you come to our website, it robotically receives into a settlement that you gather and use our statistics as mentioned in the respective policy. We constantly accept as true with and hold the strict privateness of our internet site customers and customers. Yes, anything records you share with us whilst being on our website, we keep entire safety of it and make positive it is now not shared with any different man or woman or 0.33 party. Whatever data you share whilst setting your order with us will by no means be disclosed or dispensed to any different physique barring as required through our patron provider experts will quit so, you can be guaranteed that with us, your non-public facts will be saved entirely exclusive and safe. We in no way deliberately accumulate facts about the children’s underage the usage of our website. Our internet site by no means helps the utilization of its supply and choice by means of children. We in no way meant and neither the internet site been structured for the use of underage children. You want to apprehend that we will solely divulge your private records as and when required by way of the law. This will be solely completed so that we can guard our hobbies and protection to the fullest. We will make positive that different traffic on the internet site are additionally totally invulnerable and for that, we will constantly go in accordance to the given requirements. As we have whole belief in judicial proceedings, prison process, and court docket orders, we will use the required facts as shared by using you. You can definitely have faith us with this and we will make positive that none of your shared data is used barring your permission.

Collection and Usage of Information

There are a wide variety of exclusive areas on our internet site which acquire consumer information. Thus respective statistics has been maintained securely in the log archives with the respective specs in the structure of IP address, area name, browser name, and numerous different things. But, we will no longer hold the song of traffic electronic mail addresses. The facts voluntarily supplied through our internet site customers it is securely gathered through us. There are many traffic who solely furnish their names, e-mail address, smartphone numbers, transport address, and numerous different private and commercial enterprise records which is completely saved securely in our website. Whenever you make any type of buy from our website, you will be presenting touchy facts in the shape of your financial institution important points or credit score card details. But, whilst presenting this information, you agree to the consent that this records will be shared with the respective 0.33 birthday celebration in the structure of banking establishments or delivery companies. The records shared will be used so that they can take the transaction beforehand and assist you get your merchandise delivered as per the given request.

Classic Custom Boxes

We have given entire get entry to our customers and clients to exchange the statistics on hand on our website. We do no longer promote or furnish your patron records to any variety of 1/3 party. The data of the clients and customers will solely be used for the motive of advertising and enhancement of our commercial enterprise merchandise and services. So, you can be guaranteed that we solely use the facts to assist you with higher updates and merchandise which can be beneficial for your interest. If you do now not like to acquire any type of data or updates from our end, all you want to do is to let us comprehend about.


For us, there is nothing extra essential than to preserve your records absolutely secure and secure. Classic Custom Boxes take entire duty for your facts protection and take the required motion so that there is no one approved get admission to your commercial enterprise and non-public statistics whether or not it is offline or online. The records of our customers and clients are utterly restrained in our places of work and will solely be given after the required permission. We solely use tightly closed encryption with veg one attains pinnacle safety device in vicinity with which the facts is saved wholly impenetrable and safe. So, with us, you can be certain that your private facts is totally secure with a top-notch safety gadget in place.

Business Transaction

If there is any kind of enterprise transition and the time of the future, we will truly consist of all the statistics gathered from our internet site of special customers and customers. Yes, think if we are promoting our internet site or an organization then, we will truly share the statistics gathered.


Classic Custom Boxes continually care for our customers and site visitors ride on our internet site and so, we use cookies to enhance that all the time. Yes, we use cookies so that how our customers and clients can avail the pleasant trip they’re searching for on our website. If you’re questioning about what cookies are then, these are the programme set of facts which are solely saved on your computing device which can be taken into use age via our internet site to relate to the facts and your needs. Yes, a cookie will permit our internet site to apprehend your particular desires and assist you accordingly. You can clearly eliminate the respective cookie is with the aid of following the cited guidelines on the respective browser.


Our internet site may additionally include hyperlinks or different net pages so, we are no longer accountable for any form of exercise is carried out on the sides. It is very necessary that you go thru their privateness statements and phrases and situation earlier than the usage of the respective sites. The privateness announcement and phrases and situation stated on our internet site solely observe to us and no longer on the hyperlinks which relate you to different websites. So, these are the privateness insurance policies observed through us to assist you with the fantastic of journey whilst searching for packaging services. Our top goal has usually been to assist you with the pleasant of ride and avail the satisfactory permitted packaging offerings at entire price for money. So, do no longer hesitate and get in contact with our guide executives proper away to assist yourself with the high-quality of packaging services. We will make positive that you get precisely the way you have been searching for and that too except any glitches!