Double Wall Tuck Front

Double wall tuck front boxes come in various shapes and designs. At Classic Custom Boxes, we use thick material to produce these boxes. Moreover, it does not have any glued items. The package comes in a durable shape as the side panels are rolled. The cherry locks provide a strong and cohesive structure.


Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes Are Reliable and Durable

Double wall tuck front boxes come in various shapes. You can utilize them for various purposes. This includes retail products like bakery items and other edibles. Most of these items are quite heavy. However, these boxes carry heavy products as they comprise thick material. We utilize cardboard and other kinds of thick materials to construct these boxes. They bear a lot of pressure and are resistant to weather changes; this makes them highly durable and reliable.

Design a Custom Printed Double Wall Tuck Front Box for Your Brand

In this day and age, market competition is on the rise, everyone wants to design a particular brand image to attract a large crowd of customers. If you wish to earn more profit then you must develop a unique custom double wall tuck front box. You can decorate these boxes with embossing, debossing, or lamination along with the company’s logo and a call to action.

Get Wholesale Packaging from Classic Custom Boxes!

You may desire to get double wall tuck front boxes wholesale if you have a limited budget. You need not worry as Classic Custom Boxes offers durable and wholesome custom packaging at a feasible rate. Our team designs these boxes based on your description. We strive hard to win your trust and appreciation.


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