Header Card

A header card is a low-cost and simple method to present a product to the customer. It refers to a bag topper and saves the product inside the bag. This is the best packaging style that offers brand identity and gives the client the best marketing information. Classic Custom Boxes make them in unique designs and styles.


Attract More Buyers with Eye-Catchy Header Cards

We uniquely design the header card packaging. These are more attractive and impression-creating than a standard style. In this way, you will be able to enhance the product’s sales by producing a professional image. These cards are always perfect, grabbing the attention of the buyers and producing a wonderful impression for the customers to satisfy their needs.

A Remarkable Way to Boost your Brand’s Visibility

Custom header card is fine, and they are durable. They are not easy to tear because poor material always has the risk of damage. The standard header card design contains thin cardboard, so these are more durable. These metal header cards are extremely durable and beneficial for keeping the header records. Dirt and other weather conditions can damage paper cards, but metal cards are better alternatives.

Customize your Header Cards with Us!

We uniquely print them by using offset or digital printing methods. The custom printed header card is exclusive. The quality of the photograph is to deliver the theme and beauty. Their inspiration is unique because we produce very different designs.

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Classic Custom Boxes is the name of excellence, and we offer supreme quality, and our products are always in great demand due to their elegance. All these items are meticulous, with beautiful colors and shades as well. You can order the header cards wholesale and get the best rates.


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