Cake Boxes

Even though the main reason for packaging is to keep cakes from getting messed up, a mix of safety and creativity works best. Designs that are both safe and interesting always catch the eye of customers. Classic Custom Boxes offers custom packaging and design services to help create cake boxes that fit your specific needs.


Use of Best Materials for Crafting Custom Cake Boxes

In the past few years, it has become popular to cut a cake on every occasion. People throw big parties and everyone knows that cakes are a big part of this celebration. In the same way, there is more demand for cake box packaging for delicious and expensive cakes. Moreover, the material used to pack them should be clean and not hurt or ruin the product. Always think about packaging materials that are good for the environment, like natural Brown Kraft and cardboard. These are the best materials to make custom cake boxes. You choose the one that fits your product and brand needs the best.

Add Embellishments to the Cake Box Design to Improve Its Appearance

As of late, a cake box design with a handle has become a popular addition. Packaging that no one has ever thought of makes the box look beautiful and versatile. Combining a gable box handle and a folding package locking system can produce distinctive custom printed cake boxes that are easy for customers to transport. Carrying even the heaviest cakes becomes easier with this trick.

Alternatively, you can use light and pastel-colored ribbons to seal the cake boxes. It gives the cake box a gift-wrapped appearance. It is possible to tie a ribbon in various ways, making the cake box’s bright, shimmering ribbons look polished and professional. The brand logo and name are used for marketing and promotional purposes. However, you can also print them to the custom cake boxes wholesale to make them more appealing.

Cake Packaging with Window Give a Sneak-Peak

Take a clear edge over competitors by storing your bakery treats in creatively shaped die-cut window cake folding boxes. Our cake boxes are made of the finest quality materials and are decorated with inventive design patterns to help you sell your product in the most effective way possible. Window cake imprinted boxes used your bakery’s corporate color scheme and embossed or debossed gold foil graphics to give customers a clear picture of what they can expect from your bakery’s products.

Classic Custom Boxes provide a long-term guarantee of quality, innovation, and support in response to your needs. Check out our unlimited choice of beautiful shapes, distinctive styles, and artistic printing designs for custom boxes, from six-corner to four-corner style, gable to rectangle, and more. Choose the options you need to design your cake packaging in the way you want.


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