Apparel Boxes

Apparel boxes are a great way to show off your many items of clothing, like lingerie, shirts, socks, scarves, tops, and skirts. They also ensure the safe delivery of e-commerce clothes orders. Make sure the packaging of the clothing line is attractive to attract clients. Classic Custom Boxes can customize your luxury boxes in any size, shape, or colour you want.


Durable and Sturdy Material for Custom Apparel Boxes

Regarding custom apparel boxes, robust and durable materials are the best option. For this purpose, top packaging companies like us offer you a wide range of materials. These materials range from Kraft, corrugated, cardboard, and rigid boxes. Kraft and cardboard materials are most popular among clothing brands. This is because these materials are available at more affordable prices. These apparel boxes are undoubtedly strong and cost-effective.

Corrugated cardboard is a better and more durable option if you want to design apparel packaging for shipping. The triple wall of the corrugated material keeps the box in shape throughout shipping. Moreover, rigid stock is another sturdier option. Most luxury brands use it to create exceptional quality boxes. The hard and stiff material gives the best protection to the products inside. The production of these luxury apparel boxes may cost a bit more. However, the final product is worth the money.

Attract the Clothes Lovers with Our Spectacular Boxes

Everything captivating sells in today’s trendsetting era. If you want your body apparel range to entice at first glance, freshen up your attire product packaging with wonderful garment boxes for a luring appearance. Get custom printed apparel boxes in premium stock and various styles to engage style-loving clients and build brand image.  We offer a wide selection of garment boxes you can customize in shape and print in full color to stand out and appear catchy. Printed packaging can help entice shoppers to buy your apparel. We’re your one-stop shop for all your box printing and production needs. Our full-color printing ensures your selected colors and design are as lovely as the proof you selected.

Experiment with shapes like rectangles, cubes, and even longer ones to make your boxes stand out on shelves. Our inch-perfect die cutting lets you make any-shaped boxes without structural or design problems. Your wholesale apparel boxes will be high-quality, error-free, and in the right size and shape, you want.

Make Your Brand Stand Out With Classic Custom Boxes!

Classic Custom Boxes is one of the most popular and reliable companies that print boxes. Offset and digital printing both printing facilities are available here. We package a large variety of exciting and appealing shirt boxes. Quality clothing boxes are the best way to keep items from damage or hurt. Our apparel boxes will make clothes like shirts, pants, cardigans, and sweaters look better. Our skilled and experienced packaging team uses good materials and high-tech printing when making clothing boxes. We also have a variety of designs and themes you can use to decorate the boxes your clothes come in. So contact our team now, and they’ll help you design your custom garment packaging.


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