Tray & Sleeve Box

Tray and sleeve boxes are the best options for delicate items. They are beautiful and adorable, so they are the best marketing tools. For all types of delicate products, they are the right option. Classic Custom Boxes design them with solid material to provide 100% protection to items. Moreover, you can use them to showcase your products in the store and retail environment.


Win Trust of Your Buyers with Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Custom tray and sleeve boxes are stylish and adorable due to the variety of styles and designs. Brands use them for various product types. So, they protect all lightweight, fragile and delicate items. Due to the stunning details, they offer attraction to onlookers. With the safety features and user-friendly material, they protect items. Therefore, they are shipping safe boxes.

Custom Tray and Sleeve Box with Amazing Variations

This is the time to make your space in the industry with the custom tray and sleeve box. We design them differently, such as unique shapes and unconventional structures. They are simple and handle and manage for all the users. It invites more customers to your brand and increases their sales.

Why Choosing Us?

Classic Custom Boxes is a name of excellence in the industry. You can access us for the best rates for tray and sleeve boxes wholesale. Place your order for bulk quantity at competitive rates. You can contact our team for free design support. The creative designers are the right option to provide you best and most innovative Tray and sleeve box design at the best rates. In this way, you can decrease your cost of production.


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