Straight Tuck End

Straight tuck end boxes close on both ends with tuck ends. You can use them to display a variety of things, such as soaps and perfumes, candy, and makeup. Classic Custom Boxes gives you many options for the stock, customization, and finishing of these boxes.


Customized Printing for Straight Tuck End Boxes

Many businesses rely on custom straight tuck end box packaging. Lighter things work best in tuck boxes with straight sides. However, you can also increase the paper thickness to hold heavier items such as perfume bottles or cream jars. The box’s top and bottom closure panels are linked to the box’s main panel. Moreover, the straight tuck box folds in the same way from front to back or back to front. The boxes also offer lots of room for displaying information and promoting a business.

For this reason, printing is essential when constructing the right straight tuck end boxes. You can get our best printing process for a higher-quality final product. Even the smallest details can significantly affect how quickly your products sell. The printing establishes the product’s identity using the custom-designed logo. Additionally, the front of the box features die-cut glass that enhances the product’s visibility.

Give the Box Aesthetic Look through Our Services

We manufacture straight tuck end boxes wholesale that are custom-made according to order. You can finish them with die-cut windows, embossing, or de-bossing to make them more interesting. Because of their unique look, they are great for advertising and marketing. Classic Custom Boxes offers printing and packaging services of the highest quality. We’ve been meeting the needs of businesses for a long time. Our high-quality products, on-time production, and great customer service have helped us keep clients. You can also get assistance from our experts to create a perfect straight tuck end box design. Our trained staff can give you the information you need quickly.


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