Two Piece

Two piece boxes are famous are lid and tray boxes and boast a bottom base tray and detachable top lid. It consists of wide flaps and all sides fit tightly. With their elegant look, these boxes offer aesthetic appeal. These are very easy to open and close and Classic Boxes make them in various styles.


Two Piece Boxes – An Ultimate Packaging Option

The two piece boxes are very useful for packing the goods for different purposes. These boxes are in great demand and are suitable for safe shipping. These are very suitable for easy porting because they offer support with solid walls. It is easy to include some extra security features in their manufacturing. Adding UV spots and lamination makes them extraordinarily safe for all types of products.

Design with Interesting Customizations and Best Printing Techniques

You can customize your boxes with different printing techniques. The offset and digital printing techniques are great to provide information about the product. The custom printed two piece boxes can capture your attention and hold your eyes because of their superb design and style. You can highlight your brand logo and get brand recognition in the industry.

Go for Unique Shapes and Designs

This is the time to make your space in the industry and it is possible with the custom two-piece boxes. People are fed up with typical shapes. Therefore, we design them in other styles like oval, round, cube, and others instead of typical square. We know that this is the best way to invite more customers.

Why to Choose Classic Boxes?

Classic Boxes is the true source to make two piece boxes wholesale at reasonable rates. This is the time to enjoy the best rates and creative free design support. Place your order online and get the best two pace boxes at your pace because we offer free shipping.


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