Side Lock Six Corner

Side lock six corners is a secure packaging solution for numerous products. When finished, you can adjust the shape to make rectangles or squares, but they earn their name from the locking mechanism that generates six locking cuts on the two largest sides. Classic Custom Boxes has perfect packaging solutions for bakery items, including pizza, pastries, and fashion or retail goods.


Six Lock Six Corner Boxes Perfect for Different Product Types

Product sizes and dimensions vary from industry to industry, necessitating appropriate packaging. It’s essential to have side lock six corner boxes. We can customize the packages in various shapes and sizes, including squares and rectangles, to accommodate a wide range of products. You can choose deeper boxes with narrow sides for pastries, hot or cold cakes, and a wide range of other food and cosmetic products. However, shallow boxes with much wider and larger sides are ideal for products with thinner materials, such as pizza or cosmetics. We meet all of our client’s needs on time.

Durable, Quality Material with Perfect Finishes

Our professional designers use only high-quality materials such as cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated and process them on high-quality machinery to ensure robust and long-lasting finishes. Our finished materials offer the finest surfaces, making your custom six lock six corner boxes look better. You can choose materials of any thickness without worrying about them being too rough for your brand logo or not suitable for items.

Flat-Rate Delivery and the Best Wholesale Prices

Classic Custom Boxes manufactures side lock six corner boxes wholesale with machine-bent corners and lines for easy assembly and convenient transit or storage. For our clients, this means lower wholesale rates that help them achieve their business objectives and help them stand out from the crowd in the long run. With our low bulk prices, you get everything you need for less, including free shipping to anywhere in the USA and no additional charges for printing plates or cutting die equipment. We aim for long-term relationships with our clients, not short-term income.


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