Hexagon 2 PC

Hexagon 2 pc is packaging for similar or circular items. This box’s lid can be opened and closed separately, making it an innovative and easy packing option. Classic Custom Boxes offers durable and sturdy hexagon 2 pc boxes with high-quality printing and die-cut designs, making them ideal for storing or gift packing.


Hexagon 2 Piece Boxes with Attractive Printing on Long-Lasting Materials

We can add attractive, creative graphics to our hexagon 2 piece boxes with the most current printing equipment. Using high-quality inks ensures that our packaging boxes’ printed designs will last a long time and that the colored surfaces will look as good as new. Because we employ only the best materials and processing equipment, our boxes are the most durable in their respective categories. As an alternative, you can obtain free printed design assistance from our highly trained printing experts, or we can print your designs on the most durable packaging materials of your choice.

It’s Easy To Store and Ship Your Items with These Customized Boxes

The custom hexagon 2 piece boxes are made flat and ready to assemble with exact die templates, making storage and shipping simple. Machine-made folding lines are not only the simplest to assemble but also the most convenient to store, taking up far less room than an already assembled box would. To stand the box upright, press on the bottom section and the closing lid’s sides. The auto closure mechanisms will close the box and ready it for use shortly.

Why Choose Us?

Classic Custom Boxes offers the most robust and efficient hexagon 2 pc boxes wholesale. We don’t compromise on printing, cutting, materials, or processing at wholesale pricing. Moreover, our bulk deals include free nationwide shipping and no extra expenses for printing plates or cutting dies. We want to give wholesale customers huge profit margins so they may grow with us.


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